Dog Friendly Cottages, Apartments and Houses in Torbay

These days more and more people take their dogs on holiday with them. Whereas once it was quite unusual nowadays it's becoming very popular and much more common.

Dog friendly holiday accomodation is becoming widely available and there are a number of dog friendly cottages, apartments and houses throughout Torbay that now offer great places that allow both you and your dog to take time out from your usual routine and recharge your batteries.

Benefits of taking your dog on holiday with you

Taking your dog on holiday with you ensures your dog doesn't miss out on having a great time with you and your family. All that extra stimulation for your pet is great and they can really benefit from a change of scenery.

Over the years dogs have firmly cemented their roles within our families and often, if separated from family members for any length of time, they can feel stressed, depressed and “out of sorts”.

Aside from the emotional strain on you or your dog there's also the financial side to consider. Often accomodation that permits dogs will cost only a very small supplement or more often as not nothing extra at all. Compare taking your dog with you to the cost of placing your pet in boarding kennels and it seems a “no brainer” — less cost for you and less stress for your dog.

Do you ever take your dog out in your car? Most of us do and that means your dog is already a seasoned car traveller. Most dogs will be more than happy to go for a car trip especially when the final destination is a holiday home with some fantastic new dog walks to sniff out.

Just make sure you factor in extra stops during any car journey and make sure your dog gets plenty of water especially on longer journeys - don't let your dog overheat!